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sunday 17 December 2017, 4 pm: Writers Who Love Too Much
Join us for a Sunday tea and cake conversation with Dodie Bellamy & Kevin Killian - in Paris for the first time ! - and their new book by Nightboat - gluten-free welcome !

friday 24 November 2017, 7 pm: Design graphique: les formes de l'histoire
un livre par B42, publié en coédition avec le Cnap

friday 03 November 2017, 7 pm: Stone Theater
a book by Camila Sposati, designed by Abake
Camila will be in conversation with Frederic Keck and play Tumbum livre

18-22 October 2017: Paris Internationale
best bookstore in best art fair : book it! book it!
11, Rue Beranger 75003 Paris

Friday the 6th of October 2017, 6 pm
at TREIZE (24 rue Moret, Paris)
F.R.DAVID: 'Recognition'
book launch, in the company of Will Holder !!!!

This issue is co-edited with Glasgow based artist Scott Rogers, who will engage in ALPTRUTh: Techniques for Situational Awareness: a performance that examines the intricacies and intimacies of backcountry (off-piste) skiing.

Friday the 21th of July 2017, 7pm
Alberto Garcia del Castillo and Steev Lemercier, Merman
Merman is a queer travelogue of a boating voyage on Belgium’s inland waterways with merman and singer Steev Lemercier in the company of Chanel and Dolce, who are a cat and a dog, during the first months of their friendship with the author. Published by Shelter Press.

Friday the 7th of July 2017, 6pm
Marie Lund, SCOUT
artist’s book,
with a text by Jesper List Thomsen designed and edited by Åbäke, published by MIDI/Mousse

Friday the 30th of June 2017, 6pm
Jean-Michel Wicker, #picturebook1
artist’s book, offset, 27 × 28.5 cm, 396 pages, including 360 pages in colour and 36 pages in black on LuxoArt Silk 150 g/m2 paper, glossy colour cover, LuxoArt Silk 350 g/m2, 10 inserts, colour, 26.5 × 28 cm, LuxoArt Silk 130 g/m2, publication of an "arbre de vie" produced by Jean-Michel Wicker in collaboration with Marlie Mul, a text by Harry Burke, and a recipe for Alsatian plum pie by Charlotte Wicker (French), English, an edition of 500. Graphic design: Maximage Société Suisse, London. Printing: DZA Druckerei zu Altenburg, Altenburg. Edition of the Centre d’édition contemporaine, Geneva, June 2017.

Friday the 23rd of June 2017, 6pm
David Antin, Essais choisis sur l’art et la littérature, 1966-2005
Présentation du livre, traduit de l'anglais
par Jean-François Caro & Camille Pageard
Publié par future

26-28 of May 2017, M.A.D.
Multiple Art Days. La Maison Rouge, Paris

Experimental Jetset
Time Piece

Stephane Barbier Bouvet and Camilla Wills
Block the Light and Preserve Yourself

On the weekend, we will be at the Maison Rouge celebrating these two limited editions for After 8 Books, thought and crafted together with much beloved artists. Come over to see the real, beautiful versions of those crappy doodles!!

saturday the 20th of May 2017, 2-7pm
Issue 10 of The Third Rail
All day walk-in launch and film screening!
The launch will feature a screening of "I furrow my own film inside those I pass through": Isabelle Huppert, by Barcelona-based film critics and audiovisual essayists Cristina Álvarez López and Adrian Martin.
The Third Rail is a free nonprofit periodical devoted to a discussion of modern and contemporary art, politics, philosophy, and culture, featuring critical essays and reviews, interviews, literary arts, and artist projects. Based in Minneapolis, The Third Rail is an editorially independent affiliate of The Brooklyn Rail.

friday 5th of May 2017, 6pm
Forked Apologies
book launch and reading, with Michael Van den Abeele.
The sign on the door says
You can keep your weapons but Leave your careers outside
Inside a heartwarming brunch is hosted Almost every second sunday
No one has children
so they last till very late


La librairie sera fermée Jeudi 20 Avril 2017
The bookstore will be CLOSED on April 20 !!
We will be in Berlin, celebrating Evelyn Taocheng Wang UNINTENDED EXPERIENCE book
at Bob's Pogo Bar, at KW !
Join us !

1rst April 2017, 5pm
It Needed to be Tender and to be Whipped
book launch by Julie Béna.
Béna's practice mostly enfolds in performance and sculpture. However, this collection of poems, essays, film and theater scripts wind around her visual art work.

24 MARCH 2017, 6 pm
book launch and screening, with Karel Martens, Julie Peeters, and Chris Fitzpatrick ! .
He is back ! So happy to host living legend typographer and book magician Karel Martens, in conversation with designer Julie Peeters and Chris Fitzpatrick, director of Kunstverein Munchen. We'll also be screening Martens's film Not for Resale.

9 MARCH 2017, 6 pm
The World in Which We Occur
website launch + spoken words in the company of co-hosts Margarida Mendes and Jennifer Teets.
The World in Which We Occur is an event series co-led by Margarida Mendes and Jennifer Teets, taking place live over the telephone, and formulated around questions addressed by speakers across the world. Embarking on modern day issues rooted in the history of materiality and flux as well as pertinent politically enmeshed scientific affairs shaping our world today, the series premise is one of interrogation and epistemic search.
The World in Which We Occur is loosely inspired by, and set in the legacy of hybrids growing out of artist James Lee Byars’ 1969 World Question Centre.

26 FEBRUARY 2017, 5 pm
at THE COMMUNITY (65 rue du Chateau d'Eau, Paris)
F.R.DAVID: ‘Inverted Commas’
Launch of the 13th issue of the journal F.R.DAVID, with reading and song by editors Will Holder and Riet Wijnen.
‘Inverted Commas’’s starting point is The Registry of Pseudonyms, an online database of pseudonyms which accounts for who is who and why who is who. This issue of F.R.DAVID focuses on the term ‘pseudonym’ through aspects of names and naming, bodies, brains, the self, audiences, authorship, and all their mutual relations.
Co-published in 2017 by uh books and KW Institute for Contemporary Art – F.R.DAVID is a typographical journal, dealing with the management of reading and writing in contemporary art practices.

24 FEBRUARY 2017, 6 pm
Lisa Roberston, 3 Summers
Join us to celebrate and listen to Lisa reading from 3 Summers, her latest book of poetry. Published by Coach House, Toronto.

18 NOVEMBRE 2016, 7 pm
Hill of Dreams, a book and a film by Jessica Warboys
The film Hill of Dreams takes the fantastical semi-autobiographical novel of the same name written by Arthur Machen in 1907 as a point of reference for filmed wanderings and visions in South Wales almost a century later. Hill of Dreams is designed by Goda Budvytyte and published by Tate.

10-14 NOVEMBRE 2016
best books in best book fair // the bookstore will be CLOSED meanwhile! Come see us at fancy ENSBA for better wallpapers and expensive macarons.

19-23 OCTOBRE 2016
best books in best art fair

01.10.2016, 5PM
by Louis Lüthi and Kasper Andreasen

16.09.2016, 6PM
UNPLUGGED YELLOW by Richard Dailey
1979-80 on the Lower East Side: Artists, collectors and punks in a 1979-80 novel about a love triangle on the Lower East Side, Haiti, Paris and Timbuktu.

23.07.2016, 5PM
Nicholas Tammens: Two Slideshows
as a part of Ian Burn et al.
A research query focusing on the legacy of Australian artist Ian Burn (1939-1993), and the work of his network of peers.

09.07.2016, 5PM
Soleil politique
lancement / book launch & conversation avec / with
Pierre Bal-Blanc

25.06.2016, 6PM
Cléa N°.1 _ Davide Cascio & Michaël Sellam
Présentation et lectures avec France Valliccioni, Renaud Bezy, David Blair et Benjamin Rondeau

18.06.2016, 6PM
OMG !! Performance and book-launch by
Matthew Lutz-Kinoy

05.06.2016 - end of summer
After 8
books in a room - by Section 7 Books
at Occidental Temporary
$€£ bring your cash ! $€£

29.04.2016, 7 PM
The Sitter
A recent text by Dena Yago
Read by Julien Ceccaldi, Louise Sartor
and Dena Yago

17.04.2016, 5-7 PM
Ben Kinmont - Antinomian Press

a talk by Ben Kinmont; a presentation of various catalogues, books, multiples, and broadsides published by the Antinomian Press; and a new printing of Project Series: Lee Lozano

15.04.2016, 7-9PM
Louise Hervé & Chloé Maillet - Spectacles sans objet
publié par les éditions P, Marseille, 2016
présentation en lecture & chanson

9.04.2016, 4-7 PM
YUJI AGEMATSU – ZIP: 01–01–14…12–31–14

with Julie Peeters
& Ballers Eve, Robert Walser,
The Crack Fox, Michel Auder, & drinks.
It must be a difficult step for any artist to decide to work with trash, to take it, with all its rigid contrivances, folly, and lapses in taste, at all seriously. But Agematsu overthrows the genre with his free-wheeling conception, facility, and ingenious, almost childlike, love of contradiction. Precise and superabundant, deadly serious and ebullient, filthy and dignified, Agematsu exposes us to these opposites, and if he wishes to make something black, to also confront beauty. He never fails to be in awe of the sense of mystery that attaches itself to the particulars of things. it is this awe and his facility that keep this work from being yet another example of de-contextualization, which received its awkward name in the late twentieth century and was a fixture of that century’s visual culture. Burial masks decorate orthopedics’ waiting rooms, airplane propellers on display in coffee shops—these are familiar forms of the practice of taking something from where it belongs and putting it where it doesn’t belong, to be merely observed.*

ZIP: 01–01–14…12–31–14 is a book designed by Julie Peeters and Scott Ponik. Photographs by Aaron Flint Jamison and Scott Ponik. Published by Artspeak, Thea Westreich Wagner/Ethan Wagner Publications, and *Yale Union.