Section 7 Books is a bookshop based in Paris. It started as a department of castillo/corrales, and now lives its own life, in the same spirit.

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Evelyn Taocheng Wang
Unintended Experience: a job in Amsterdam

36pp, 20x28 cm, English text

She had a lot of siblings she told me, so she wouldn’t get any pretty clothes until she had a likely match—but since she didn’t have anything pretty to wear, she couldn’t get a match. She was trapped in a vicious circle, doomed to spend her blooming years in wistful longing: no young woman, no matter how clever, could break her way out of a dress like that.
The book is composed of a collection of diary entries previously published by the artist on her Facebook page, relating to her aesthetic, intellectual and sentimental experiences as an undercover transgender masseuse in an Asian parlour in Amsterdam. A series of watercolours accompanies the texts. Inaccuracies of language are an integral part of the narrative.