Section 7 Books is a bookshop based in Paris. It started as a department of castillo/corrales, and now lives its own life, in the same spirit.

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Introducing ZIP: 01–01–14…12–31–14
This annual records, in photographs, a year of an ongoing work Yuji Agematsu has been habitually making since the mid 1990s. Agematsu takes daily walks and drops what he finds into the cellophane wrapper from a cigarette pack. The book is accompanied by a facsimile of the notes Agematsu keeps to map when and where these objects were encountered. (Yale Union)
Yuji Agematsu, ZIP: 01–01–14…12–31–14 _20€
Design by Julie Peeters and Scott Ponik. Photographs by Aaron Flint Jamison and Scott Ponik. Published by Artspeak, Thea Westreich Wagner/Ethan Wagner Publications, and Yale Union.


Oui c'est lui, le plus chic libraire.
Ben Kinmont, Open by Chance & Appointment_25€


"... In her, besides experiencing instant love, I found a lot of answers. "
Henry Chopin, A Sort of Autobiography Inevitably Incomplete _ published by Lemon Melon and Richard Saulton _ 28€


Feeling retro and uncannyngly pulp ~ come smell this beautiful catalogue of Michael Krebber's arrangement of Jack Smith's archives and Antonius Höckelmann's sculptures at Antiquariat Buchholz in 2010
Michael Krebber: Jack Smith, Antonius Höckelmann published by Galerie Buchholz 2010 _20€


The title of this book is the theory of everything
A beautiful, diarrheatic flow of handwritten text, Shit For Brains comes in to add up to Lutz Bacher's published collection, among Do you love me? and Snow. Weightlift guaranteed. Published by Galerie Buchholz, 2015 _ 40€


I'm moisturized
And my intestines are tattooed
With little images of myself
I imagine the good life

Marie Buck, in Animal Shelter #4.
An issue dedicated to poetry
Among others: Alain Badiou on Pierre Guyotat’s cosmology, Tony Duvert on ugliness and de Sade, Trance verses by Wayne Koestenbaum, A conversation with Maurizio Lazzarato on debt and time, Sarah Leher-Graiwer on Lee Lozano’s notebooks, Poetry by Alice Notley, Dorothea Lasky, Dana Ward. _12€


Hey! Cherry and Martin played it well with this reprint of the 1977 seminal photo/text work by Hal Fischer. And a cool interview here.
Hal Fischer, Gay Semiotics_34€


David Horvitz frenzy


Clinique, mais avec le coeur.
Postdocument (Reader) rassemble les 8 premiers numéros de la revue Postdocument (depuis 2010, une publication centrée sur la photographie d’œuvres d’art en situation d’exposition) Remi Parcollet, Aurélien Mole, Christophe Lemaitre (eds.)_30€


A nice restock :)
Sophie von Olfers, Mark von Schlegell. A workshop and a play, with costume design by Susan Cianciolo.
Hamlet, mise-en-scène – EXTRA TROUBLE – Jack Smith in Frankfurt Textes de Sylvère Lotringer, Birte Löschenkohl, Sophie von Olfers, Laura Preston, Juliane Rebentisch, Mark von Schlegell, a.o.
Sternberg Press / Portikus. _20€


This is a very intense voyage through the socio-economical, historical and cultural impact of the contemporary political discourse around spectres of contamination brought in by SARS and epidemics in the latest years. An exhibition at Para Site, Hong Kong, in 2013 triggered the publication.
Cosmin Costinaş, Inti Guerrero, Lesley Ma (Eds.) A Journal of the Plague Year, Sternberg Press Copublished with Para Site, Hong Kong_30€

[welcome ~ 14.01.2016 ~ bienvenue]

Nouvel Espace / New Location !
Lots of light in a dark passageway
Same old furniture, brand new stocks
Fancy neighbours and pets allowed

[12 - 20.12.2015]

LAST DAYS for Xmas in Belleville
old jokes, new lovers
11-12 & 16-20 december 2 to 7 pm
come pick up your merry books before the store closes its doors ...
and stay tuned to our New Location for 2016!!!


Sex And Repression In Savage Society / Mixed Couples Always Get The Cutest Kids - If They Get Kids - Like Riri - Like They Found Love In A Hopeless Place - Like Oscar's Night (...)
Garnar Einarsson, The Mess, published by Karma_28€
with texts by Oscar Tuazon, Steven Parrino, Matias Faldbakken & Karl Holmqvist

On sera là cette semaine >Offprint Paris<

avec A.R.T. Press, Badlands Unlimited, Primary Information, Four Corner Books, Paraguay Press.. (+++++++)
+ 1x S.L.O.B. for free to reimburse your entry fee ;)
Beaux-arts de Paris
12 – 15 November 2015


'I assure you that we can bridge any divide ; survive any distance, by living in magical bubbles that kiss the clouds, sick as we may be of living as city slickers do.'
'Gallwn bontio'r pellter, rwy'n siwr i ti, drwy fyw mewn swigod hud sy'n cusanu'r cymylau, wedi cael llond bol ar fyw fel pobl y ddinas.'

Camille Blatrix, No School_25€


Our beloved Moyra Davey is back on the shelves. A reprint of The Wet and the Dry for The Social Life of the Book makes this very special text available again.
Mothers is a new text published in conjunction with her recent solo show: You’re a nice guy to let me hold you like this at greengrassi
both so lightweight and so intense _5€


"'An East Village Romance'
I was a slum goddess and in college. He looked something like Richard Burton; I resembled Liz. It was, in feelings, as crummy and tortured as that.
Wow - Weird fucks by Lynne Tillman is hardcore lovely and "illustrated" with art by Amy Sillman! published by New Herring Press_20€


Don't get mislead by his blasé expression, this man was a genius. Father of the intense and uber-underground Dead Language Press, poet, film-maker (the Venus in Furs, that's him) and above all artist Piero Heliczer's work is on view at the Bain Douches d'Alencon, a confidential art venue in the French provinces that is worth the détour.
Piero Heliczer, A purchase in the White Botanica (Granary Books)_20€


Our beloved New York based publisher Primary Information delivers the truth about death management: Removal Technician gives a dynamic insight of the author's after-school job in the late 90's, at an Oregon funeral home.
Hubbard and Main collected writings, photographs and drawings are pretty intense and funny too. Not that it makes you want to get the job.
Removal Technician, Alex Hubbard and Dan Mains (primary information)_15€


For Badasses Only... Badlands Unlimited New Lovers serie! Warming up, now in store for a hot blow of springtime in Paris - xxx -

New Lovers ♥


“oh spider-man to be so fair” was the title of my bfa show– the first set of photos in this book. At the time I had made a few paintings of Spiderman, thinking about the relationship between him and peter parker, peter being the child that now has to grow up, and the inevitable loss of innocence that goes with that. I was in college then and had to start thinking about what it means to not be a kid anymore. At the time I saw Spiderman as the future unknown, this notion of being an adult, making adult decisions and having adult responsibilities. Looking back now, Spiderman becomes an endearing conception of adulthood by myself in my early 20s. And how to reconcile this? Time becomes an ongoing process of recontextualizing our own experiences, our own thoughts, our own memories, our own responses— “how does it look like this?”
I can't say it better that he does. Very very book.
Richard Aldrich, Oh, spider-man; to be so Fair (abyss printing)_23€


Hullo, just realized that we still have 2x BLOAT posters series, by Henning Bohl and Will Benedict.
Those were installed last winter at castillo/corrales. It's a collector masterpiece, a must have.
BLOAT, 8 big format posters in the shape of a book _120€


Fantastic arrivals today: exhibition catalogues and monographs from The Renaissance Society, Chicago. Some new, some old, some legendary titles. Quite hard to find in Europe. The Stephen Prina has beautiful glued-in black squares, the Joseph Strau is a mindblowing narrative, the Asher is Asher, you know. Only few copies!
Joseph Strau - The new World _30€
A Fatal Attraction: Art and the Media _30€
Black is Black ain't _45€
Heimo Zobernig _30€
Helen Mirra: Sky-wreck _40€
Stephen Prina: Monochrome painting _30€
Catherine Sullivan: Five economies _30€
Felix Gonzales-Torres _45€
Michael Asher _30€


OMG this is really nice. Ed Ruscha's latest artist book, where bleached out words wipe out the years.
Ed Ruscha, published by Karma and Gagosian_25€


"Dear Franz
Here I am in NY – of course your laziness has won again – and you haven't answered my letter – how do you expect to maintain good spirits and maintain your energy and will – if you don't bother to maintain your touch with friends?
The book features a collection of letters that Paul Thek wrote to fellow artist Franz Deckwitz. Those were the days. Those documents, together with some beautiful drawings by Thek are on show now at the Museum Boijmans van Beuningen
Paul Thek: Please, write ! An Artists' Friendship, published by Museum Boijmans van Beuningen_30€


"Je suis décue, dit Fabia. Je m'attendais à une mer plus bleue. C'est vrai qu'elle est très bleue, mais je m'attendais à ce qu'elle soit encore plus bleue."
Ashbery en français, en fait c'est bien tant que c'est de la prose. James Schuyler et John Ashbery ont commencé à écrire ça ensemble pendant l'été 1952.
Un nid de nigaud, Les Presses du Réel _ 17€


There is a place called V4ULT, somewhere in Berlin.
I love the way they document their endeavours. So this title goes to our Art Spaces section, the dearest corner of the bookstore. Where the idealists still go.
V4ULT: A gesture waves on us, answering our own wave, NERO publications_10€


This goes to the ones who say : I TOLD YOU
Textures of the Anthropocene _ 55 € at Section7Books
this thick thinking tank is edited by Katrin Klingan, Ashkan Sepahvand, Christoph Rosol and Bernd M. Scherer and published at MIT Press - go weight it out humans.


If I can't dance, I don't want to be part of your Revolution has come out with a new series of intense performative works in 2014-15, all accompanied by beautiful readers.
The first little 4 pamphlets reflect works on the Commission Series, by artists and performers Gerry Bibby, Sara van der Heide, Snejanka Mihaylova, Emily Roysdon. They are sold as one.
On the second shelf, designed by Will Holder, two titles from the Performance in Residence series: Gregg Bordowitz, Taking Voice Lessons, and Louise Lawler: A Movie Will Be Shown Without the Picture, with a great text by Sven Lütticken, take the reflection one step further towards poetry and rapture.
4 pamphlets_18€
Bordowitz, Lawler _18€ each


"So far, the idea that science fiction is non-fiction has been framed obliquely through the equation that science fiction is ficto-documentary. Narrative is pretty much a decoy, as is cathartic resolution and allegory.(...)"
Barikin & Hughes, Making Worlds: Art and Science Fiction (Surpllus)_€15

[no date]

Harmony continues to exist through fact and experience–though there is no reason why it should (...)
Susan Howe, Spontaneous Particulars - The Telepathy of Archives
A New Directions and Christine Burgin co-publication. 2014_40€
one single copy available, yes, but how long ?


This title made it to our 2014 book awards not only because of castillo/corrales’ solid and ongoing, passionate collaboration with typographer Will Holder, but more specifically thanks to the great scope of this graphically excellent endeavour and conceptual contribution to a visionary artist’s oeuvre. American avant-garde composer Robert Ashley oversaw the making of this book, which presents several typographical scores of his operas, realized by Will Holder in collaboration with musician and composer Alex Waterman. Yes, but is it edible? is a book made for use : Waterman and Holder have “tested” their scores via several public readings, stressing the value of the physical experience in their writing process. A great selection of Ashley’s writings is also included in the book.
Will Holder and Alex Waterman
Yes, but is it edible? The music of Robert Ashley, for two or more voices(New Documents)_43€
More of Ashley:
Outside of time. Ideas about music_€35
Music with Roots in the Æther_€25
(MusikTexte), by Robert Ashley


From the magic land of Westphalie, two editions by David Jourdan. Eight Years tells the unfinished story of Westphalie (born 2007) through so many documents, poems, comics, photos, press releases and mysterious ephemeras. Pigpen is already a legend.
Pigpen_ 3€
Eight Years_ 14€


Intense and beautifully designed reader for a three-day symposium at the State Academy of Fine Arts, Stuttgart. “Cut Power Matter,” “Form Cannibalism,” “Flesh Skin Surface,” “Word Flesh Thought.”
Ensslin / Klink eds. Aesthetics of the Flesh (Sternberg Press)_20€


Great arrival if you guys need - and we all need - to have an agenda for 2015, or just love artists books. Straight from Midway Contemporary, here comes:
Megan Francis Sullivan's ZipperKeeper 2015, design by Julie Peters_ 15€


Crazy day very french debate-style with beloved artists and controversial figures at the INHA, for the presentation of the beautiful new book:
Carlo Scarpa L’Art d’Exposer (jrp ringier) _20€


Long awaited and very nutty professor.
Gerry Bibby
The Drumhead(s) (Sternberg Press)_18€


Karl Larsson, Strange (Mousse Publishing)_30€


Jos de Gruyter & Harald Thys, Das Wunder des Lebens (Sternberg Press)_45€


One of those thoughts today, about Other Planes of There "... is thus an exemplary travelogue, formulating a new kind of peripatetic artistic subjectivity that has become the norm for the legions of professional producers of culture on the international biennial and gallery circuits..." - on Artforum by André Rottmann -

Other Planes of There, Renée Green: selected writings (Duke University Press)_26€